up and away

My carry-on musts: mini brush, makeup, journal, pens, planner, wallet, hand sanitizer, Tide pen, Moisturizer, Phone, Ipod, shades, mints and meds, camera, and lens.

Today was spent packing. Packing and running around doing errands with a couple laughing breaks in between. I hate packing. I always either over shoot what I should bring, or pack so recklessly that I forget a third of the things I'll be needing. Today's case was the former. Bettina had to come over and help me edit my choices.

My Adventure Kit!

Tomorrow I'm taking off for somewhere far. It's pretty exciting, but right now more than anything I'm dreading the flight. Got my Dramamine and the rest of my carry-on kit. Hopefully it'll be enough to help get me through it. Not gunna say right now where I'm headed, but I'll let you know where I am when I get there.


  1. Where did you get your pencil/pen holder? it's very cute. Love your blog!

  2. It's from a place called "Fab Manila". I think you can get it here
    Hope this helps. Thanks for stopping by my blog!