My trusty Docs...they take good care f my feet.

This weekend was spent being...spontaneous. Not something my family is good at, so the change of pace made me happy. On Friday Gab, Mum and me took a bart to the city. Mumford and son would've wanted to just wander around, but I was pretty set on shopping. Bought a bikini (score!) (finally), and cleaned out H&M. Shopping is love. Had lunch at Lori's diner...which was alright.

four hours and several blocks later (by then we had hit a lot of other stores, and had watched someone get injured and bleed in union Square), it was time to head back. We ended up taking the wrong train home.

Meet Ron. An "interesting" guy. He buys and sells the contents of storage rooms for a living.

We spent Saturday looking for random vintage treasure. I came home with a $4 Betsy Johnson  dress, a copy of "The Color and the shape" (Foo Fighters) and "Nevermind" (Nirvana), and a Polaroid 600 with expired film. Jackpot! It is now the 4th in my vintage Polaroid collection. Tried Poppey's  for the first time, had frozen yogurt later, and dinner in the city that night.


  1. Ohmygod, where can I find Ron? Everytime I go to the city and try and look for vintage things, i end up with a lot of shopping bags and stuff.. but none of them have anything like that. I lived in a city south of SF for 4 years and a half, but I'll be coming back this summer. Any tips on places where you can find vintage items? :)

    ps: loved the blog.

  2. Hey there! Glad to hear you'll be coming back to the bay area :) There really isn't anything to it. I pretty much just look up different estate sales, yard sales, block sales, and rummage sales around the bay area. Check your local news paper classifieds section, or Craig's list. Seriously, get a bunch of your friends together and spend a Saturday driving around looking for vintage treasure. Have fun, and thanks for stopping by!