Bella Trattoria

Foodgasmic Bruschetta from Italian heaven
 Tonight Kuya Ayo took all of us out to dinner at this little Italian place in the city called "Bella Trattoria". I've always liked Kuya Ayo an awful lot but, after tonight's dinner, I'm pretty sure he is now my new favorite cousin. Amazing rustic Italian food. Amazing. Worth every carb... I'm really sleepy and tomorrow I need to get up early for a run. So less words, and more photos.

Fried Polenta, compliments of the chef

Our extremely helpful, not to mention spunky servers

Bread Basket. Nice and soft, served with oil

Polenta di bella

(acchiughe bianchi) Bruschetta from Italian heaven! Potentially the best thing we ate that night.

Tuna Carpaccio with greens, capers, and sliced avocados. A first for me!

Sausage Rigatoni (Rigatoni Salsiccia)

Tagliolini Salmon e caviale. No butter, no cream. Perfection. 

Gnocchi Verdi

Squid ink seafood pasta

panna cotta


Complimentary Ice cream.
I'm really sleepy, but I highly recommend this place. Hella cozy.

Bella Trattoria
3854 Geary Blvd., San Francisco, Ca
415 221 0304


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