New York chews. day 1

Waaaaay overdue. But whatever haha!
DISCLAIMER: This all happened last week, but I will refer to this day (Last Wednesday) as today.

Today we finally arrived in New York. Our plane touched down at the crack of dawn, so the first half of the day was spent being asleep in squeaky guest rooms. The second half of the day however, was much more productive. Rode a subway from Queens to Manhattan, met a Naked Cowboy (my mum was convinced that I must marry this man or die), had Thai-French food (which was actually just fancy Thai food) for dinner, Italian for dessert and coffee, and got swept away by the beautiful sounds of "Once". Seriously. I'd see Once again if I could. Day one was a glimpse of everything I thought New York would be: fast pacingly chilled out. Does that make sense? Hmm like you can see everyone is in a hurry to be somewhere, but chaos of it all makes you calm...labo? We passed by Times Square, but there will be no cliche photo us standing there.


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