New York chews. day 3 (meeting the MET)

The artist at work

I regret nothing!

love you, frozen yogurt

Today we got up early (again. New York = getting up early...) and went to see the MET. Did I mention I LOVE museums? Cause I do. They're happy places to be alone with your thoughts...anyway. Yeah the MET was awesome! We were there for a little over five hours, but still didn't even get to see half of it. We kind of take our time looking. The first four hours were excellent. We lingered through halls of breath taking beauty. My favorite had to be the European sculpture exhibit. I spent a long time staring at them, waiting for one of them to breathe. Hmm but by the fifth hour Gab and I had gotten pretty hungry and art-sick, so we played a game of "who does this painting remind you of". Later. We checked out the roof deck which had this pretty view of Manhattan and Central Park, ate frozen yogurt (I'm a happy girl) on the museum steps, and ate ice cream and nutella through Central Park. Ended the day with Pizza and Magnolia Bakery cupcakes.


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