not-everything burrito (incomplete week 2 and 3 photo journal)

And while thinness a definite yes on my priorities list, there were a lot of things to eat that I couldn't say no to.

Off the grid with buddies JM and Maui. Waiting Fries. Boss Beignets. (Maui) Son of the sea. Comal in Berkeley. Ramen Dojo. DO NOT PUT THE TONGS IN YOUR MOUTH. Chili dogs. Waiting for coffee. Embarcadero Farmer's Market.

Someone I know has recently brought to my attention my lack of blog updates, and is prolly under the impression that I'm not out and about on adventures, and instead, am sitting around doing nothing. (Bro. Chill yow balls please.)

Not gunna say much more about that. Sept that, the best adventures are the secret ones. You know. The one's you end up not blogging about. So yeah. I'm afraid these are nothing but food pics. Cause I'm uninteresting like that.


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