sonic youth

Nevermind having having to get up at 5am, being seriously under slept, and freezing at a Bart station before the sun's even up. Forget about evil malfunctioning ticket-printing robots, and getting through security. Not even going to think about how after all that rushing, and trying to be on time we missed our flight. Nope.
None of that matters.
Because moments later all our shitty luck magically turned into sunshine and churros and falling off of haunted elevators, and beautiful colored lights on water, and salad. (Yes. they serve Salad at Disney. And it is awesome.)

Okay so maybe not ALL the bad luck went away...All my rollercoaster photos came out with me looking like I was about to be attacked by a sex predator in midair. But that's just me nitpicking.
I got to be twenty one years old for just one more day. And I got to do it at Disneyland...well California Adventure. Disneyland came the next day.

some of these photos are by Zoe.


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