The day's highlights.
The look on Zoe's face when Miles spoiled the birthday pin surprise. Space mountain. Trying not to buy absolutely everything in the Star Wars gift shop. That little girl in line for the Matterhorn who was all "If you get scared, just remember to hold my hand real tight for safety." to her little brother. Trying funnel cake for the first time (best birthday carbs ever!). The Haunted Mansion- Nightmare Before Christmas edition. Stealing a pumpkin, and shoving it into Miggy's backpack. Being underwhelmed by beignets. Taking cliche photos before the sun went down. Eating churros in "Mexico". Buying a bubble blaster. Spreading joy with said bubble blaster. Spotting those two guys dressed as TIE fighter pilots from Star Wars. The look on Miggy's face when we found him some cotton candy. Sitting on the pavement waiting for the fire works. Hearing that the fireworks had been canceled, but consoled with the news that the McRib was making a comeback. Root beer floats at Mainstreet. Tiara shopping. The ugliest polaroid ever taken. (not thisone...this one looks decent. I'm talking hideous!)  Sitting on a bench in the cold, practicing polite tagalog.
I turned twenty two today. And I would have taken more/better photos, but I think I was too busy having the best time ever being rescued by my birfday heroes.


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