four on the floor

So if you didn't already know, the people in this photo (who are not me and Gab) are Miggy and Zoe. They're our family friends who live in Oakland, and could possibly be two of the most incredibly awesome people I've ever met. I can never really tell what's gunna happen when I'm with them! Seriously. One minute we'll be driving to go rock climbing, and the next thing I know we're chasing a cop! (The hell right?) When we're together, I'm only sure of two things: One. I will most definitely laugh. No doubt. and Two. I know I will have a good time. For the past five weeks they've been taking us out on random adventures, and saving us from the evil clutches of boredom. So a few days before Gab and I left the U.S., we all decided to spend one last day together being derpy and random.

these aren't even half of em...

Went to see a movie, which later turned to boredom, which muuuch later turned into a midnight drive to the UC Berkeley campus, where we stood on the ledge of a building until security asked us to come down. Did I mention that Berkeley is beautiful at night? Cause it is! Perfect place for a long walk and conversation. Grabbed some doughnuts on the way back. We then spent the next couple hours in their house, taking a million phone pictures, and going through a pack and a half of Instax film. Worth every shot (thanks Tito Manny for art directing and shooting)...we just wanted a normal photo.

Aaaand then we realized how late it was, so Miggy drove us home. We ended up getting back incredibly uhh...early. It's weird. I mean Mig and Zo have always sort of been our far-away friends, but there was something about this trip that brought us all a lot closer together (our parents could barely believe it). And so at this point we were all kind of very attached (least that's how I felt haha), and it became hard to say goodbye. Gab had goodbye speeches prepared.(Why didn't I think of that?) Yes. Very emotional. That attached. It was freezing outside, but our goodbye hugs braved the shivers and the wind. Totally  knew I'd miss them to pieces. I must have said it half a dozen times by now, but tonight was my favorite. Could've stood in the cold til morning.


  1. Sounds like an AMAZING night :)
    I love adventures and fun like this with good friends. Hope you all get to see eachother soon and have some more great adventures!

  2. haha thanks're hella sweet by the way <3