Bamboozle day 1: you guys smell that?

And after weeks of wishing, and planning and reserving stuff online, today FINALLY came! Today was the first day of Bamboozle (awesome three day music festival in Jersey) 2012. Hell yeah! Hello epically wild weekend of kick ass music by the beach! My parents had HUGE issues with me and my brother going. Huge. But when I heard that Incubus, Blink 182, and the Foo Fighters were head lining the festival, I simply couldn't let the opportunity pass. (All of em happen to be part of my Top 3 favorite bands, so c'mon right? The universe doesn't conspire like that every day.) Long story short; I begged, did research, and got the tickets. They still weren't too cool about it. Haha!

BTDUBS. we weren't allowed to bring professional cameras onto the concert grounds, so I took all these with my itouch.
Wristband ready on the train

I'll admit, the journey to Asbury Park was a little bit of an ordeal. (The way back was muuuch worse though. Will tell you about it soon.) Worth it, but an ordeal non the less. Got up hella early, took a 45 minute train ride from Queens to Manhattan, took a train to Long Branch NJ, from there took a train to Asbury Park, and took a cab to our B&B. Total travel time? A little more than 3 hours. Bright side: we didn't get lost! Not bad for someone who's never been to Jersey. Big thanks to my Ate Nikki who was the reason we made it there in 1 piece.

Gab was more than in love with our B&B

Fast forward to three hours later. We met up with our cousin Marga. I hadn't seen her in almost a year. Geez I've missed her. LATER. We go outside, and were all hella shocked to see that the line ran all the way to the board walk. That's almost 2 miles from the park entrance! The hell right?


Again. Fast forward to about two hours later. After waiting in a line that ran an eternity, seeing a bunch of jerks cut in line a bunch of times, and having intense problems with Gab's wristband that made him have to run around and have us wait an extra hour, we finally got into the park. Day one's acts were chill, so were we. Got my hair chalked in blue streaks.

A friend of mine was pretty psyched that Kreayshawn would be performing, so I said I would try and get him a video. Thing is her time slot was simultaneous with Incubus'. I had no real problem missing Incubus. I mean I had already seen them live once back in Manila, but Gab and Marga hadn't and were really looking forward to it. So Incubus it was. It was amazing. It sucked though that a lot of people were hella stoic for the set cause they were just waiting for Skrillex.

Partied with these guys. They're awesome.
Non the less, the set was awesome. At it's best, and in the right places, the crowd was insane. Park tricks everywhere. At one point Brandon Boyd was like "you guys smell that?".


After Incubus, we decided to skip Skrillex and look for some food. Walked a mile into town, and found that the only thing open was an ice cream shop. Ice cream on the way back to the board walk. Found some real food later. Spent the rest of the night playing cousin catch up, IMing Mig and Zoe (wifi at last!), and falling asleep on different beds.


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