Bamboozle day 2: standing in line to see the show tonight

I'm gunna keep this simple. Day two at Bamboozle? The shit. I think I might have left my soul at Asbury Park that night. Seriously.
Granted, the day itself was beyond exhausting, and the commute home was an epic all on its own, but in an awesome way you know? It was a night I'm pretty sure I'm never going to forget. And it started with a crepe.


We all planned to get up early so that we could be at the front of the line. But then I overslept, so that plan went to hell. By the time we had gotten onto the boardwalk (noon) there was already a line...only a few meters though so on the right track. And so begins the epic wait. Ate a banana Nutella crepe with vanilla ice cream while waiting for the park gates to open. YUM! The best only-thing-I-ate-that-day thing.

Fast forward to two hours later. We're in the park, and are comfortably planted in the third row of the main stage. The plan? Spend the next six hours waiting there for the Foo's set. That's right. We went six hours straight without food, water or a seat, lost in a wild ocean of people, under the blistering sun (I came home with bad shoulder burns). I swear the worst part had to be all the pushing and shoving. But it wasn't all bad. I had an amazing time discovering bands like This Good Robot, The Maine, and Nevershoutnever (I swear the lead singer was tripping balls), and rediscovering The All American Rejects (they brought the crowd to life).

Right before the Foos came on, the crowd was beyond insane. The space had gotten a lot tighter, people were passing out left and right, and there were a hand full of jackasses who thought it'd be okay to cut on through to the front. Literally every man for him self. Gab and I had to hold hands to make sure we didn't lose each other.

omg that is Dave fucking Grohl! I died.

And finally, after having waited 8 hours, the Foo Fighters showed up and tore the place down. I cannot begin to describe how amazing these guys were live! ...seriously. This is my eighth re-type. There are no words! I just know that hearing em live made me feel so free. I felt like a bloody 90's teenager. The highlight of it all had to be when Dave Grohl told us we (the crowd) were gunna be on SNL. And then they played Everlong. Geeez I think I died there.

About 2 minutes into their first song, the holding hands thing didn't work, and Gab and I lost each other. (wild ocean of people i tell you!) But it wasn't a big deal. This guy from across the crowd (I've decided to call him Finn) came and saved me from crowd surfers! Thumbs up for kind strangers who become your concert buddies!

playing vagabond in my new favorite shirt

exhausted as hell. We took turns sleeping

The commute home was adventure. We walked a mile to get our things from the B&B, desperately hunted around for a cab, ended up walking another 2 miles to the train station, waited in what seemed like an apocalyptic line, (by some miracle) got on the train, sat on the floor like vagabonds, switched trains at Newark, got off at Penn Station (where some drunk dude tried to pick a fight with me), got into a cab (that some other drunk dude threw up in), and finally got back to Queens by 2something. Epic. But literally the perfect end to a night I will never forget.


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