Pizza New York Catcher

The past couple weeks have been working me into the ground with sleepless stress, and relationship drama (no. Don't look at me. I mean everyone else's) left and right. Do not wanna talk about it. The remedy? Countless glasses of milk tea in between classes, and a couple trips to Nolita to make it all better.

Chicken pesto pizza

Chicken Parm Pizza (my fave)
Nolita is this (somewhat) new Pizza joint that opened on Bonifacio High street's new wing. The place's claim to fame being their "New York style pizza-by-the-slice".  They've got a lot of other yummy-looking things going for them as well, like burgers and steak sandwiches and honey garlic wings, but for now I'm all about the pizza. Their thin crust pizzas are magic! Think chewy. Soft, but crisp. The right amount of tomato sauce (or in some cases pesto), generously topped with cheese, chicken strips, sun dried tomatoes, egg plant, veggies, or whatever other outlandish pizza toppings you can think of. I swear every bite melted my blues away, and took me back to New York. And while this isn't exactly pizza a-dollar-a-slice, you get what you pay for.  These guys will not skimp on you.

I never thought I'd enjoy a red cup drink this much.
the view from "Central Park"
My first trip to Nolita was a Sunday night pizza party with the family, where we sat around playing food critic, sharing a whole bunch of different slices. My next trip was less than a week later (Saturday), this time with my best friend Bob. We walked hella far to get to dinner, and walked even farther afterwards, turning Taguig into our own make-shift version of New York City. Make-shift NYC; comes complete with times square, Soho, dark alleys scented with exhaust fumes, rude cabs, Central Park, and damp rained on streets. I swear the combination of good food, a long walk, and long random conversations will probably always make me happy...and in this case make me forget that I have a longass midterm the following Tuesday.

Belle and Sebastian Reference.


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