I wanna be the girl with the most cake

It rained all day yesterday. It's been raining a lot lately. And Since I didn't have to go into work for the competition I decided it'd be a good day to stay in and bake something.(It's been forever since I've made something that wasn't for an order!) A couple weeks back my copy of the Tartine Bakery book came in the mail, and I've been staring at its colorful matte pages, day dreaming about its sweet, sugary recipes for days now.

It took forever to decide, but we ended up with a devil's food cake which is basically a chocolate cake with a caramel center, chocolate cream ganache frosting, covered in a coat of cake crumbs. Sounded a little daunting, but doable. I finished working on my monstrosity a little after midnight. Was hella tired but, Mum was my keebler elf assistant for a day, so that made things like a million times more fun (she's so cute she literally instagrammed every step). The most stressful part had to be frosting and decorating the cake. Cause really, at the start it looked terrible! (terrible; a word which here means "nothing like the picture in the book") I wanted to cry. (not really. but you get my drift?) Luckily my friend Tino was there to keep me calm and come up with scientifically smart ways to get the crumbs to fall in place right. It all worked it out. And the cake came out a little more than pretty alright tasting, if I may say so myself. I'm hella happy. Why? Cause I friggin love cake. That's why.

Hole Reference.


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