Chasing Luna

The other night I saw the moon rise and it was gorgeous! Bright yellow, and I swear, the size of a hippity hop. Did not however, get a photo. So last night I made it my personal mission to try and catch it again. This time I had team cousin + Noel on my side and was hella psyched to get a shot of Bella Luna. Uhh...I sort of didn't though. Long story short, we were playing moon chaser with children who had a curfew, so we had to bail before she had a chance to come out. Ironic part? I get home, look up, and there it is! So I RUN back into the house, grab my camera, and stand in the middle of the street to get a shot. But by then the moon had already risen pretty far up into the sky, so this isn't quite what I was hoping to catch. Drat.

gab took this. i look hecka tired...
My kid cousin

I still had a pretty fun evening though. Noel has this kick ass app that shows you the stars and where to look for em. According to his app the moon would be ready a little after midnight. Later. We drove out to a random street, parked on the side of the road, and then proceeded to set up telescopes and tripods. Waiting around sucked and, boredom set in. So we killed time taking random night shots. Of all the shots that Gab and I took together, the only one in focus just HAD to be the one of us posing as morons. Of course. I had a lot of fun shooting Noel and Ina. It was so cute, they were all too shy to move closer together. They like to leave room for the Holy Spirit. Hahaha!

Thumbs up for random cousin moon-chasing midnights!

"I go along just because I'm lazy. I go along to be with you."
-The Smashing pumpkins, Luna.
(I love this song.)


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