I've got wings!

Last Saturday was my first day with Red Bull, and ohmygod was it awesome! Like seriously I'm so happy to be part of the Red Bull team, and cannot wait to get out there and start giving people their wings. (If I haven't mentioned it already lemme explain. A friend of mine referred me to apply for a job at red Bull last May. I applied, waited around hella long to hear back from em. Long story short, I got the job. Yay!)

Like I said in my last post, I was (and to some degree still am) hella sick and barely got any sleep the night before. Was in bed by 12something, but only got to fall asleep at like 4...whiiiich lead me to wake up at 10:40. Did I mention call time was 11? Yikes. Ran out the door a hot mess, and ended up being more than half an hour late. Not the best start. The rest of the day ran smoothly though. Orientation and what not. LATER. The company was going to hold us a celebratory dinner with at Cafe Cirkulo that night. (fancy!) So most of us chose to kick back at the hotel with some Red Bull and vodkas. Dinner. Ended the night with Bettina, Daluz, and the cousins. We went for a walk...of course by then I was super hella juiced, so I was kinda walking around in circles, singing Foo Fighters songs in my sicksexy raspy voice, annoying the hell out of Bettina. Awesome day.


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