A fever you can't sweat (random rant)

This week has been the definition of unpredictably insane, and not in a good way. Like seriously all over the place. The end product was pretty alright, but I swear my destiny was made up of bipolar fits of rage, smiles, sleeplessness, and sickness. I'm nursing a cough right now that's got me sounding hella raspy. And while I love how my voice has become temporarily mysterious (and dare I say kinda sexy) (HA!), I'm having the hardest time falling asleep cause I'm up all night coughing to death. I'm pretty sure I'm gunna have sick abs after I've gotten better. I miss sleep. Do not like this at all. The people around me are kind of all simultaneously falling apart as their relationships try and test them. Which puts me on triple psych shifts for now. Not complaining. Just wish there were more I could do...other than listen and hug and whatnot. This moron in one of my majors didn't do shit for our final paper, and now there's a chance I'm going to fail the class cause of him. I yelled at him. And a part of me still wants to beat the shit out of him for screwing the group over so bad. If I fail this class, I don't get to start thesis next term, and I lose my group. On top of that, failing the class holds me back another term. Consequences? That'll be another four month delay on plan Napa. Oh geez. (Oh and hey, did I mention they've cancelled term break? Cause they have and it fuggin sucks!) What's the word I'm looking for? ah. Shit. I'm trying not to think about it. Friday was kind of awesome though. Spent the day finishing a paper with Bianca at her mum's kick ass office...It was full of clothes. Oh gob. Hella hard to concentrate. We ended up just chillin there til like sixsomething. Friday was good. It calmed me down and made me considerably less angry and stressed out. And while granted, I did not get much sleep that night, and was late for my first day at Red Bull (tell you bout it later.) I feel better.

(These are photos from last week by the way. I spent a good part of my Saturday wandering my village alone and taking photos. These are the only ones I liked though.)


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