Procrastination. Infatuation (pictures of stuff I want like right now)

Right now? I'd die for a Tartine Lemon Cream Tart or a Banana Cream Tart...

Wrote this last Monday.
Finals are in a week. I've got like a bunch of papers due (haha including one tomorrow which I haven't even started yet). And the pressure is on to make things work for Red Bull whilst I am interning for thesis. Awesome. Best part? I'm barely moving. Seriously. I'm so very very tamad (lazy) right now.
I have no idea how to start on tomorrow's paper, and can only pray that my half assed into-the-night efforts will get me by. Gob I hate computers.
Oh and if you haven't guessed, this right here? This is me procrastinating. Isn't it great!

Wrote this just now.
Finals start in a couple days, and I am currently drowning in deadlines! Still worried about my Marketing products grade, and am hell bent on killing the idiot who fucked things up if I fail. Like literally almost burst into tears while I was talking about it earlier. (don't worry. i didn't.) Ugggghhhhhhh. Fakinstress. Working on some shit now, and will prolly end up not sleeping again. I look and feel horrible. Meow call me Shawn of the dead.

...and omg. Dessert. is stressed spelled backwards! :O


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