Wild Flour

pastry window display

The head chef

Belgian Waffle with bananas and candied wallnuts

croque madame

French toast with bacon. The best!

Hazelnut hot chocolate

Today I went on a ladies lunch at Wild Flour with Memaw and my titas, and totally broke my diet. Grrr. I have zero willpower. But seriously. How the hell was I supposed to say yes to salad, and no to all the happy, delicious bready things? C'mon.
It was a pretty lovely lunch date. I wore a dress and everything! Wild Flour is kickass by the way. The food was real comforting! Right now I'm a big fan of the French toast and the Hazelnut hot chocolate. (goodness.) Although I found the bread of their croque madame to be somewhat soft and sweet...could have been crustier maybe? Still totally delicious though. It's pretty pricey, but so far I'm a fan. Also, I got to meet the chefs and talk to em about cooking schools (I swear it's like everyday I find a new reason to be happy about choosing CIA). Today was a giant cheat day. Which is why tomorrow my diet and workout routine kick into overdrive.


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