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Bianca, our subject for the day. She's too cute!

Photography lessons

Top- ZARA. Skirt-Anne Taylor. Cardigan-Mango. Bag-Parfois

We met this dog!

While I'm a million percent sure that this isn't even the worst of it, the past few days have been pretty packed with things to do. Red Bull duty (oh geeez I need to be doing my job better), marketing team duty, thesis duty, bakery duty, weight loss duty, team B duty. ugh. I have the worst senioritis right now and just wanna sleep. Anyway.
Today team awesome-thesis and I got up early for an interview with a prospective company. (Please oh please pick us!) I'm not very good with being formal, so my nervous judgement made me pick this outfit for the interview...and it's only now that I realize that I think I kinda look like a salsa nanny. Like oh shit. Did I seriously just wear that today? (did I mention we interviewed for a pretty huge shoe retail company?) Oh my. Call me Lupe. After the interview I taught Yuki how to shoot manually and we played around with outfit shots. She's gorgeous really, and me, well I look like a nanny potato! It was all good fun though. Haha maybe the reason I'm so tired is cause I keep goofing around like this while working...
No jablo Espanol...Salsa!


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