Morning bun mission (three day photo journal)

Okay thesis term is a little more dull than i thought it'd be. So I woke up early this morning to bake. I have turned my room into a make-shift temperature controlled kitchen by bringing all of my materials and tools up stairs, and turning on the AC. I. am. a. genius. Seriously. Smart stuff up in here!

Day 2
Morning buns look daunting, and I am scared shitless that something will go wrong in the process. Today is day 2. Last night I made the preferment, today I make and laminate the dough, and tomorrow I get to actually bake them. Scary ordeal. But we'll see.

(2:42 pm) Right now I'm waiting for the dough to rise. I have another 15 minutes left, and am so so BORED. I'm dying here! (3:48 pm) Just turned out the dough. It's huge!...and now to wait 4 hours for it to chill. Great. (7:13 pm) About to start laminating the dough. Electrocuted myself while trying to unplug the mixer. It hurt. (11:09 pm) Just finished making the last turn. There is butter and flour EVERYWHERE; all over the floor and all over me. The plaque wasn't quite cooperating with me and now I'm scared. Hopefully things will work out better tomorrow. I'm half excited and half anticipating that I'll be disappointed.

Day 3
Couldn't turn the buns out right away this morning. Thesis orientation. (3:13pm) Turned and rolled out.The dough was a million times more cooperative, but man oh man, was it hard to roll out! Like I seriously think my career as a pastry chef will lead to arthritis. My hands are still pretty they're kind of shaking. The morning buns look pretty. There was a lot of dough left over (as there should be. I rolled that motha out like a BOSS!), so I got to make a dozen baby snails (baby buns...but baby snails sound cuter!), and some croissants. The croissants are ugly. (4:14 pm) Croissants in the oven, morning buns and babies out. Hmm they're...alright. I like the general flavor profile, but they could definitely be lighter. Not like I was gunna get em perfect the first time right? They're soft and buttery, which I guess is an okay thing. Definitely not inedible. Kuya seemed to like em.

(4:56 pm) Oven is off, there is a mess in my room. The croissants came out...buttery. Like they're not quite passable as croissants, but again, not inedible. They're kinda pretty though. The verdict? I over handled the dough AND used waaay too much butter. Non the less I'm pretty happy with myself. I'm so happy I'm glowing. Literally. Sweat and butter everywhere.


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