Vampire Weekend

On me:
shift - Forever 21
Head scarf - vintage
Shades - ALDO

Lisa's super cute mosquito-shield stickers

Sitting in my room...

Okay so suffice it to say I haven't fully recovered from my post-exam lack of sleep. But duty called, I answered, and my weekend ended up being a blast! Mum promised to take me to Salcedo market for lunch on Saturday...but then she forgot to wake me up and left me behind :c  That being said, I ended up sleeping in that morning. Later that afternoon I headed on over to a BBQ some people from Antioch were having, and brought them a present; a mini cooler full of Red Bull! Yup. Spent the first day of term break seeding cans. Not complaining. I had the best time giving people wings on a sunny Saturday. Left the fun in the sun and went to work. LATER. Came home to a cheesy, warm lasagna for dinner, and chilled with some milk teas and friends at midnight.

Spent Sunday bonding with Ina. We went and saw the Katy Perry movie together. Oh geez. I'm convinced now more than ever that I want to marry her...she's just so...Aaaaaack!
Salad at CPK...cause you can't go out for ice cream after staring at Katy Perry's gorgeous body for 2 hours. No way. Dinner at Cyma (ohgodyummmm) with the family, and dessert at Classic Confections (so much for Katy thinsperation). Then I passed out on my bed (hello, lover.) at 9:30. And here's where I made up for lost sleep. I loved this weekend. I missed sunshine, and people, and FOOD, and just generally NOT looking at numbers.


  1. LOVEEEE this post :)
    I love all the food. It looks delicious and I'm glad you were able to celebrate post exam :)
    I also love the headpiece your friend is wearing. Gorgeous!

    1. Hey thanks man! The girl in the head piece is actually me though, and the girl in the blue shorts is my friend, Lisa :))