Pick me

Early morning interviews for thesis all week. I swear this morning stuff isn't for me. Got up real early today (which means Friday) for another really important interview. Got suuuper dolled up, stumbled out the door, only to find that the interview only lasted like 5 minutes. Hahaha oh geez. This is what I wore. I'm happy with how girlishy professional I think I look, but once again my inability to NOT be awkward in front of a camera prevailed. I dont know what to do with my hands...and face...and body. So the halfbod shots will have to do. Went back home and tried to go back to sleep, but somehow that doesn't work when you've got makeup and stockings on. More work and activities later. Today (which means Friday) looks like it's going to be productive...I'd personally prefer today to be lazy. This is Bianca's mum's office btw. It's awesomely distracting.


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