Examcram chronicles

(wrote this on Friday) And at last Finals are over. AT LAST.
There are no words. Im just happy. And really exhausted.
Not gunna say much more. But here are random bits and pieces that document the past week, including a page from my journal full of exam week paper tweets...cause when you stare at numbers all day your brain goes all wobbly and you end up talking to yourself.
And now it's time to sleep. Haven't slept properly in days, and my body is very upset with me. Not to mention my bed and I miss holding each other like crazy. We have a date. I have a brand new pair of sexypajamas, the shades are going down, and a "do not disturb" sign is going up outside my bedroom door. My bed loves me. It's kind of ridiculous.

omg this is not making sense na! Oh brain...what has happened to thou? :s


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