3 idiots and 2 adventurers

And so after a night of partying Superman style at Gab's Halloween rager, and nursing a very drunk Bane to temporary sleep sobriety (at 5:30 am), it was time to put the surprise element of Gab's birthday into play. Got up at 8, shoved him into the van where a couple of his friends, mum, and Bob were waiting. Surprise! and we were off.

 "oh. did you want some, Josh?"
 in need of a tan

what happened at beer #6
interpretive swim dancing with Josh

The weekend was spent at the beach, both chilling and extreme adventuring! Stuff we did. Tanned in the morning, swam in the dark, watched falling stars, kayaked near, kayaked far (to a whole other island where Bob and me), got caught in the sea's angry undertow, climbed a bunch of rocks, and jumped off a cliff (which hella jacked up my feet landing heels-first into the ocean). At one point Gab and his friends were jealous of mine and Bob's cliff diving adventure, so they thought it'd be smart to tie an inflatable Dino raft to the kayaks and paddle into choppy open water. What up three idiots.

We're all back now. My skin is cooked, my body aches, and my feet are pretty badly bruised. All worth it though. I don't have a lot of adrenaline-filled adventures with other people. But if you're going to get stuck in the middle of the ocean, nearly pass out trying to paddle home, and jump off a cliff with someone, it might as well be your best friend. The last shot is of me and Bob (if you can see us...we're the two tiny specs in the sand). We were running back to our kayaks cause we were afraid we'd run out of food at the house.


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