shorter days: life post-thesis

What was life like after thesis? HIINT: there was food. like. everywhere. Thesis was wild. But personally, I'm still waaay too exhausted to talk about it. The days that followed were spent doing a million different things. But the most common factor had to be eating with reckless abandon...Alright so I did other things aside from chew. My buddy Mike was in town from Australia, so we hung out a couple times. Gab had a shoot with some friends at the park and I got to tag along to get some writing done. Shopped alone. Despite being the epitome of the walking dead, I stayed out late a buncha nights. And then proceeded to sleep in all the mornings that followed. My sleeping sched has never been so messed up. All the same, I've never been more infatuated with my bed. Met people this week. And talked and listened. And drove around. A lot. If I haven't already mentioned it, lemme just say that I am in love with my new old car. Her name is Tank. It's been a month and so far I'm a tank and a half in. I'll introduce you to her some other time. She needs a bath.


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