tree trunks

The other day I took Bettina out on a secret mission to the south to get her hair done. We got terribly lost. but a couple hours and 6 inches later, we got the finished product which was a your-sex-is-on-fire-ified-Bettina. I am in lesbians with her. I on the other hand, am growing my hair out, and am sporting what I like to call "good girl hair". It's neat. And so with good girl hair, comes good girl + math teacher clothes. Thumbs up for sweaters over dresses and glasses and oxfords. Dinner that night at Wingman (in the Collective) with Ina, Kwi and Ryan. We all devoured a dozen wings each. Generally I like the collective, and I like looking at Christmas lights, and long drives. I do not, however, like this crazy December traffic that seems to be muthereffing EVERYWHERE. The worst.


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