Gab's 19th. Be afraid.

a Mexican Hipster and Clark Kent

The conflicting universes
Josh as a Sexy cat and Chino as magic Mike

Gab turned 19 this week. So mum and I decided to go all out this year and throw him a really awesome Halloween party (the night before his birthday), and then surprise him with a trip to the beach the next day (his actual birthday) (i'll get to that in a bit). Good plan? Excellent plan! The theme was Mexican Halloween, which a few people kind of took the wrong way and decided to come in Mexican costumes...not complaining. It was lumping hilarious! Best costume had to go to my friend bots who went as a Cholo. I dug out an old super suit that I got in a yard sale, and went as Clark Kent, Kuya Shaved his head and went as Bane, and Gab wore a bunch of my clothes and went as a Mexican hipster. The highlight of the evening had to be when a bunch of Gab's friends dressed as Magic Mikes ambushed him with strip dances, and ripped his shirt off.


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