Supplies (Birthday journal part 2)

 This is so incredibly late! (more than a week later) But I have a good excuse; I was off adventuring! We'll get to that later.
So after the girliest birthday-eve ever, we headed home so that I could get ready for dinner out with my best friend, Bob. (If you don't know what I'm talking about, check out my last post) Nothing fancy, buds dinner at Malcom's. That being said, I didn't bother getting too dressed up...It's Bob. He's seen me in Gab's clothes. He made me change though when he saw me coming down the stairs. I believe his exact words were "Yeah. change. I've already seen you wear that dress before."
 Skip the details and make a long story short--there was a surprise party waiting for me at Manila Maki. People yelled "surprise!", and I swear it took me about 12 full seconds to fully process what had just happened as I stood almost motionless in the middle of the street...Then it sunk in and my heart melted into a big gooey puddle.

Won't go into detail cause honestly, some of the scenes from that night are still blurry in my head. (Is it weird for me to say that I felt like Katy Perry? Cause I kinda did...Last Friday night, do it all again...) I do however know that it was the sweetest thing ever, and had to be by far the best birthday party I've ever had!

Supplies to throw ellie the BEST surprise 21st birthday ever
[ / ] Awesome food and hella chill Ambiance co. Manila Maki
[ / ] Meow balloons
[ / ] Princess tiara party hats
[ / ] Beer, Tequila, Mojitos, Vodka, and Candy Shots from Swizzle
[ / ] Caramel Cake
[ / ] Sparkler candles and Confetti Cannons that later ruin said cake.
[ / ] Sneaky mum and brothers
[ / ] Best friend decoy
[ / ] A room full of people i love.


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