Colors and chemicals (Birthday journal part 1)

Romper - Old Navy. Bag - Anne Klein. Shoes - Rampage. 
 I turned twenty one this weekend. And a lot of different things went down on all ends. so I've decided to write about them in parts. This is part one.
 This is NOT strawberry yogurt.
A couple weeks ago I found out that I'd be spending my birthday working double shifts at both jobs. Alright  no problem there, I love my jobs, and was too lazy to make any plans anyway. So since the day itself was penciled in for work, mum decided to spend Friday (the day before my birthday) with me doing girly things. (This later on turned out to be the girliest day I've had in months.) Got up early and headed to Basement salon to have my hair colored.
 Here's the thing: I have NEVER had my hair colored, and have always been really particular about coloring. (Not a huge fan of highlights and fakieblondes...I especially despise a particular shade of dyed hair I like to call "I'm in college now" blonde.) So this would be interesting. I originally (and have always really) wanted dark blue bangs streaks (ala Clementine). But all the stylists insisted that I'd need to bleach it first, which is  HUGE no for me. Next best thing? Purple (ala Psylocke). Which sort of came out Maroon. I dig it though. It's pretty subtle and I'm praying that I pull it off well enough.

Later we headed off to this private sale that Shu Uemura was throwing for the new Karl Lagerfeld collaboration collection. So. Much. Makeup. I died and went to Japan. I then came back to life and died again when they handed me a gift bag full of complimentary Shu skin care products. Thumbs up for free bottles of their amazing makeup remover, among other things! After all the dying around all the sparkly, colorful bliss, mum and I explored U, where we found the most comfortable shoes ever. Girls are strange creatures.


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