First day. First and forever.

Yesterday was my first day at work. If you haven't already guessed, team Awesome thesis and I got the internship with Dr. Martens Philippines! Hell yeah! Thumbs up for getting to work with your favorite brands! (seriously. been in love with Docs since I was little.) The start of this week was mostly negotiations, meeting people, and messing around. But now that we've actually gotten the gig it's gunna be a lot of mapping out plans for thesis, helping out with events, and messing around working shifts at the DM concept store. (come visit us? We're the cute container store at the Fort strip.) Day one at work was fun. Met the awesome DMs crew, learned about the shoes we stock, and sat around being silly. I swear Yuki looked liked a Harajuku girl! So cute. Then she left, and Bianca and I spent 2 hours talking like girls, which prolly made Ralph feel weird. Today is day two. I don't actually have a shift today, but I promised I'd come and help Bianca start the paper. This weekend is booked solid with stuff to do. I have no idea how I'm going to survive...I'll get back to you, assuming I don't pass out into a sleepy stress coma.


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