New York chews. day 2


waiting for a date

pulled pork sandwich

pesto crusted chicken thigh

adventure buddy Gab and his chipmunk derp sister! 

 Got up pretty early today and took the train to Manhattan so that we could check out this place called Eataly. Eataly is basically this huge building full of food. They've got some sort of super deli going on down stairs (I'm talking artisan breads, cheeses, cured meats, shelves of canned truffles and sauces, fresh meat, fresh shell fish, organic produce, gelato bar, truffle bar, Italian patisserie, pasta bar, wine cellar, and espresso bar), a bunch of Italian specialty corner-like restaurants scattered around the main floor, and a roof grill. So literally a building FULL of food. Did I mention this place belongs to Mario Batali? We had lunch at the roof deck grill. The food was pretty good...but I'm having trouble remembering what everything tasted like...Saw Phantom with Gab afterwards and was somewhat disappointed. Then we all headed to Brooklyn, and spent the whole day at...Uniqlo. haha. okay.

P.S. Mum looked super cute today.


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