before i left home

Sharing Nutella peanut butter pancakes with someone important is a lovely way to tell them "til next time".

Photo By Alec Weber

I got a lot done before I left home. I had just finished a killer set of finals (damn you, accounting + economics), so no doubt, majority of my time was spent recharging my batteries. Eating non stop and being trapped in a state of dead asleepyness brought me back to life. The time in between was spent being productive. (see photos)

I did a lot, but couldn't for the hell of me, get a hold of my friends Bob and Daluz. They were busy being eaten alive by summer school. No big, we've all been there. But it's not like I wasn't sad to not get to see them before leaving. Before I left home (and I'm talking an hour before I left for the airport, so this is literally before I left) Bob and Daluz + Arco and Bettina all dropped by to surprise me and say goodbye. Not the best news to receive while you're in the shower, but I gotta admit I was touched. I miss them.


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