The cat's pajamas (Birthday journal 3)

"here are your birthday carbs!"
oh glob...
cats from Nina and Ralph

My dia de los muertos bracelet. I'm in love with it. 
Nina. That's her boyfriend Eric on the drums

The next day, after falling asleep at 4 something, I woke up at 8 something with a pretty terrible, can't-go-back-to-sleep hangover. And later that day proceeded to go to work to fill in my shift for the last leg of The Dr. Martens Bootleg series bar tour. Bianca was hella sweet and told everyone at work to surprise me with cute cat drawings, while she surprised me with a huge slice of Nolita chicken parm pizza. She's the absolute sweetest! The gig was pretty busy, which is always good, but I had to miss my last day at Red Bull. Left the gig a little past midnight, and had frozen yogurt for dinner.

Foie gras and pear salad. Chilean sea bass and risotto. Prawn and scallop thermidor. Herb crusted lamb.
Dress - "vintage" from Betsey Johnson. Boots - Dr. Martens. Bag - Furla

The next day we drove to Tagaytay to have dinner at Antonio's. Hella fancy, and Pretty damn delicious. I wore my trusty Docs and a "vintage" Betsy Johnson dress that I found at an estate sale last May. Kind of a throw back to the 90's. (had a peg of Shirley Manson in my head) I'm a little bit in love with the 90's and often think I would have loved being a teen then.
At dinner I involuntarily muttered "Geezuz. I'm 21." as I sipped my coffee. Mum laughed.
Today was my 21st Birthday.


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