2013's top 20+13

Thirty three of my favorite photos from 2013.

First of summer.
Ina and Noel adopted me on the last day of school to see Toe in concert. Never have I ever seen a band jam as passionately as these Math-rockers from Japan. (Taken at Toe live in Manila)

Blue Crush
Right before security came along and asked her to come down. (Taken at Toe Live in Manila)
The premiere of the pixie
(Taken at Bonifacio Global City)
Do the creep
The first of many tiny friends Kuya made while we were in Tokyo.
(Taken on the Takashimaya roof deck)
Alone in Tokyo
(Taken in Shinjuku)
Piss Alley; a labyrinth made of a hundred little mom and pop hole-in-the-wall restaurants. Quite possibly the most beautiful place I've seen in all of Japan.
(Taken at Piss Alley, Shinjuku)
Who did not approve of Kuya picking cherry blossoms, but smiled when he handed her a dead leaf.
(Taken in Fuji town)
Gab in his element
(Taken in Fuji town)
Victory Dance
Daluz and I have a pretty excellent track record of being in the same different city, at the same time. This was in Tokyo. I was two hours late, and it was raining. We hadn't seen each other in weeks, and respectively had good news to exchange. When he saw me from a distance, i think he was mad for only about three seconds. Then this happened. I don't think I've ever been so happy to see my best friend...in Disney Land no less.
(Taken at Tokyo Disney Sea)
This is probably my favorite photo of me, Gab and Kuya together. Ice cream cones on a cold and rainy day at Disney Land. The summary of why my brothers are the most important guys in my life.
(Taken at Tokyo Disney Sea)
Temple etiquette; drop a coin, say a prayer.
(Taken in Asakusa)
Auf wiedersehen
Taken the week before Bob left for Zurich. This is the ending scene of Act One of the coming-of-age film we're supposed to write.
(Taken at 3:27 am)
, now look at eachother
My good friend Mike and his girlfriend Mel. They're both on their way to earning their PHD's at the Monash University in Melbourne, and their favorite thing to do together is go to Cost Co. They came to visit Manila for a weekend last summer, and Ina and me could not get over what an adorable couple they were. This year I asked a number of people to participate in my "look at the camera, now look at each other" photo experiment. This one is one of my favorites. (Taken in Bonifacio, Global City)
My thesis mentor Mr. Encarnacion. The template of every aspiring amortal, one who lives agelessly.
(Taken at a tea party at Raffles, Makati)
Gab and Josh
Every hero needs an idiot sidekick. Luckily for these two, the roles are interchangeable.
(Taken at the ends of Pasay Rd. and Tamarind ave.)
An unlikely hero, who can talk about love and the secrets of the universe over hot bowls of instant Pho at ungodly hours of the night/morning. Living proof that even the douchiest seventh graders can grow into gentlemen.
(Taken in Dasmarinas Village)
"Weird Sex"
The night before my quadruple-wisdom-tooth-extraction, we watched Daluz get hit on and felt up by a Trannie. We tried comforting him by making some cookies later on, but obviously that wasn't enough to undo what had just happened. (Taken at my house) 
Taken right after I finished crying in the car, cause "it finally sunk in". A good start to my last Manila weekend. This is my favorite photo of the three of us.
(Taken in Punta Fuego)
Summer Kuya
Making friends with babies, proposing to mermaids, crawling on the floor, hosting sleepovers with the dog; there is nothing that summer Kuya can't  or won't do. He smiles a lot more and is my favorite version of Fael.
(Taken in Punta Fuego)
Bits and pieces
My beautiful friend, Bettina. I feel safest with her; she is my champion.
(Taken in Punta Fuego)
Found these guys trying to hide at a flea market
(Taken at the San Mateo Flea Market)
Bleu Blood
(Taken in San Francisco)
She was waiting for her dad, whispering secrets to her dog. (Taken at the Embarcadero Ferry Building) 
Random Fan
The only person who seemed to be unphased by the fact that we were on the green of the O.co Coliseum, about to watch a Star Wars fireworks display. (Seen at the O.co Coliseum)
A display window of a "cute stuff you don't need" store along College Ave.
(Taken in Rockridge)
How to have a birthday
Beignets, Funnel cake, Bubble Blasters, and all the other things that make the happiest place on earth the happiest place on earth. I'm having a hard time remembering what me and Miggy are trying to do in this photo...But it sums up the day's feelings.
(Taken at Disney Land)
Look at the camera. Now, look at each other.
I met Miles for the first time today. And right then and there he and Zoe became my two favorite people to shoot together.
(Taken at Disney Land)
Happy kid
After hours of fruitless searching for a cotton candy cart, I found him some cotton candy.
(Taken at Disney Land)
Juan Tamad
(Taken on Bart)
"Align to wha?"
"The Corner of the house. Align the tree to the corner of the house."
(Taken in Rockridge)
Kings of Leon live at Not-so-silent-night
(Taken at the Oakland Coliseum)
A new friend I made this year. He knows more secrets than he should.
(Taken in Rockridge)
I was very not awake the morning this photo was taken. But the looks on their faces, while holding hands and sipping coffee kinda makes you not mind as much.
(Taken in Berkeley)


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