Tokyo Tales. Day 1 and 2

Day one was pretty much spent in transit getting there.
Do not wanna talk about that or anything that happened before it. Just know that when we actually did get there, there was a heavy sigh of thank-you-jesus-we're-finally-here relief. Cue "Just like Honey" and the rest of the Lost in Translation soundtrack. Hello there Tokyo. (And hello there frostbite! It was really hella mutherducking freezking, and I was in no way prepared for it!) We then spent the remainder of the afternoon wandering Harajuku, and devouring crepes in the cold. Didn't take too many photos of Harajuku though...was too busy gawking at all the pretty shops and people. Dinner at ten-seater ramen bar. Easily one of the best bowls of ramen I've ever had. Waaay better than Ippudo (but still not as amazing as Ramen Dojo).

 Day 2 was spent exploring the city. And while we would have wanted to get up early and get a lot done, we were all too busy being extremely sleepy and cold to bother getting out of bed before noon. Lunch at this amazing katsu place in Takashimaya where we all died and gained 2 pounds. The rest of the day was spent seeing things. Such as. A pretty rooftop garden, kuya chase away a baby girl, this magical place called Club Sega (three floor arcade), weird transformer fighter women robots, and the rest of Shinjuku. Then we hit up a place called Piss Alley, which I'm pretty sure just might be the most beautiful place in Tokyo. It's basically a tucked away tiny labyrinth of different street food shops, ramen bars, sushi bars, and yakitori bars. The entire length of the alley smells of i-want-some-of-that, and there's something weirdly relaxing about the sound of clinking dishes, and shots of sake being poured out. I swear your senses get a real workout as you walk by. I could have stayed forever.

Unfortunately, the cautious tourist in my dad insisted that this place was evil and that we find someplace else to have dinner. Drat.


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