Tokyo Tales. Day 3. The lost boys meet Fuji san

Today we actually got up early to go on an adventure to meet Mt. Fuji. They call him Fuji san. And I'm talking a real adventure. No tours, no schedules, no guides. Just us hopping a bus into Fuji town and exploring. We got lost a bunch, which was frustrating at first (especially to memaw), but wasn't really  a problem because Fuji town is beautiful! Eventually though we got the hang of of town bus schedule and ended up seeing a handful of of the road-less-traveled sights.

kiki peg
go down to the river to play with sticks
evil motives with the flowers
Gandalf the...
on a hunt for the Ice King!
Stuff we ran into on the road less traveled. A shrine on top of a hill, a graveyard, a wind cave covered in ice, chicken flavored candy drops (that mum did not let me spit out), and the helpfullest Japanese lady ever!
Stuff we did on the road less traveled. Took a cable car up to one of the peaks, explored a forest (where the lost boys and i reenacted a bunch of scenes from Lord of the Rings), walked along a freezing coastline, and trekked into another forest where Kuya and Gab threatened to pick the last of the cherry blossoms.

Fuji town is lumping beautiful.


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