Tokyo Tales. Day4. Tokyo Disney Sea

 Found you! Victory dance time!
 ...still not over it! Ultra-five time!
 okay we're calmer now
 mornicity at its finest
 the not-so-little mermaid...
 Pi and Richard Parker!
Caramel custard balls
omglob churros!
curry ahpapacorno!
Assassins and merchants
 just three cool guys at Disney
 bring on the rain
 Daluz bitching about the rain
 Kuya waiting to see Mickey at the water parade
 Interpretive Rain dance
And so today finally came! Day four was Disney day with my brothers and Daluz! Today was great! I smiled pretty much all day, and ate tons of sugary Disney treats, and walked. A lot. We were expecting the rides to be a lot more adrenalin filled (thanks a lot, Bob), but prolly the most exciting ride had to be the Indiana Jones ride, and that's just cause we got to see Harrison Ford. S'all good though. The mornoicity between the four of us made things hella fun! Moronicity. So much moronicity. (Kuya went on a mission to "out Japanese the Japanese". And to his credit, he totally did! How? By waving at absolutely everyone, climbing walls pretending to be an assassin, wearing my Mickey ears, out dancing the parade dancers, proposing to Ariel, and just generally stopping to be silly at every possible opportunity.) It also rained a bunch and none of us had umbrellas or rain gear (sept Daluz. the bastard). But i didn't really mind. When you're the luckiest seven year old twenty-something, surrounded by your idiot brothers and best friend, at a Disney Park, who would? Best day.

May the fourth be with you!


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