Comeback kid.

I've been off the grid for a little bit.
Part of it had to do with me getting my shit together, (which surprisingly didn't take that long) and the rest of the time I've just been feeling sorta lazy and uninspired...Yeah, cause in other news, I'm pretty much done with school. (omglob for good this time I hope) Hahaha uhh yes. Technically done with college and am buried in the bliss that comes from doing nothing. Was waaay too busy sleeping in, reading books, and lounging around with my unemployed friends to be blogging, journaling, or taking photos. But it gets boring (and can seriously screw up your sleeping schedule), so starting today I wanna stop dicking around. It's hard to fight the Mondays if you never know what day it is anymore. So I wanna make the days count. Which means less getting up at 2 to do nothing, and more random creativity junk. The other night I went back to journaling after 6 weeks. So uhh that's a start.

Oh and hey. in other, other news. I got accepted in Le Cordon Bleu's Associate degree program in San Francisco for this fall. Another reason I gotta make the days count.

(Silversun pickups reference)


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