Tonight tonight (wolfpack week photo journal)

Last week was our last week with Bob before he took off on his grown up business adventure to Zurich.
Don't have much experience on the send off front, but I'm pretty sure that as far as send offs go, ours was pretty Boss. I'm talking a week-long marathon that involved two going away parties, a lot of uncontrollable laughing, random dancing, jumping into a pool, calling an ambulance, a bunch of sleepovers, watching the sun come up, and oddly enough, six of us singing Bob to sleep. Among other things.
Mom thinks I should write a coming-of-age film about this.

And it's weird. This past week I don't just miss Bob, I miss everybody, AND I HAVEN'T EVEN LEFT YET! The hell is that? Right? Ugh. So weird. Had to distract myself by making a bunch of morning buns, cakes, and croissants. Hahaha anyway. He'll be back in December for a little bit. Sept by then I don't think I'll be coming home. (the second to the last photo is by Bob's mum btdubs.)

Smashing Pumpkins reference.


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