Mathematical (freedom photo journal!)

Photos: Toe live in Manila 2013, grub at Borough, summer packing.

So 've been on break for a good...4 days now? Yeah four days. And you'd think that out of my 96 hours of freedom, majority of them would be spent catching up my sleep and getting my snorelax on, but apparently not. Wide awake and away from my bed. Ugh normally sleep = freedom. But nah. Freedom can mean other things too. Like being awake and going on not-so-late-night yogurt runs while you talk about talking to girls, early morning birthday breakfasts that run into the afternoon, singing at team meetings, and third wheeling like a pro at a Math rock concert + after hours dinner date. Oh! And going off on far away strange-land adventures! Yups. Packing my bags now and leaving in the morning.

OMGLOB! At the concert I saw this girl with the cutest, most distracting bag ever! (refer to 6th photo) I need it. And will gladly love whoever can get me one for the rest of forever!


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