Tokyo Tales!

Back from Japan! Mum thought it'd be cool to give me a premature graduation gift, and take us all to Tokyo! Sort of a last big adventure for me and my brothers to go on together. (fingers still crossed.) The last five days have been nothing but walking, eating, and sibling moronicity, and I have loved pretty much every second of it.

I have yet to go through all of the photos I've taken...and there are quite a lot of them. So that might take a while. But til then here is a list of random things I learned while in Japan.
  • Everything, absolutely everything about this place is beautiful. The best part? Your eyes don't even need to be open for you to know it. You can feel it, smell it, taste it. And I swear being around so much beauty all at once is overwhelming!
  • And when i say everything i mean everything. People included. Tokyo is a city of beautiful strangers. Half the reason it's so beautiful is cause everyone is waaaay too adorable and friendly! Not to mention hella helpful!
  • The other half is cause it is a city of never ending contrast. You are surrounded by it in the most unconventionally lovely ways. So much so, you will find yourself wide-eyed and in awe. 
  • It is FREEZING there in the spring!
  • The food here is amazing pretty much anywhere you go! I will expound on this later. The worst thing I ate on the whole trip was a piece of chicken flavored candy...but c'mon. I was doomed from the start with that one.
  • People here know how to have fun. And more importantly, how to make things fun! Being there, around so much color and life and free flowing expression? Made me feel. Young. Does that make sense?
  • The old people here are weirdly awesome! Real, live Amortals. Living proof that growing older doesn't have to mean out growing your youth. I'm talking old ladies in purple men's kimono's with purple hair, old ladies cutely  rocking out to street performances, old security guard guys saluting toddlers, and old dude photographers who tell you smile for souvenir post cards.

I'm tons heavier from having eaten so much, the cold was very unkind to my skin, and my feet have never EVER hurt so much in my entire life (I've got a bag of ice strapped to leftie right now). It's only been a day and already I hella miss it there.


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