Weapon of Choice

Adventure kit: paper, pens, cameras, film/memory, makeup, music, glasses.
surprises from kuya
hella-long-break-survival kit: notes, journal, calculator, phone, ipod, adventure time for ds, dsxl
trying to make a thousand for no real good reason
a check list
and a bunch of list doodles
(Wrote this two Mondays ago) Been back in school a couple weeks now and haven't missed life on Taft..like at all. This last term is turning out to be my busiest, most hassled. I've got double law, and a shitload of numbers-ey classes. My daily grind is from nine to nine, and I have a bunch of long, oddly placed breaks.You can see why I've got trouble crawling outta bed in the morning. But right now? I'm in a pretty alright place. Watching Kill Bill for the first time, and playing Adventure time on the DS are helpful distracting apparatus. I spent the start of 2013 making like...sixbillion different lists. Nothing new there. These are the things that're either gunna keep me busy, keep me going, keep me focused, and hopefully keep me inspired.

Changed my url, blog name and revamped my layout. I'm pretty fickle. Besides. Finn and Jake are waaay too cool for me to go pirating their awesomeness.


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